CBS Sports Classic 2017 Tickets

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CBS Sports Classic 2017 ticketsA college basketball doubleheader, the CBS Sports Classic is a game played between four of the power programs in America that began in 2014. The first participants in the CBS Sports Classic included North Carolina, UCLA, Ohio State and Kentucky. They were signed up to play a three-year long round-robin tournament during the first three years of its founding. Each team was slated to play one game every year. In the month of December in 2016, the CBS Sports Classic was given its renewal, allowing these games to go on for another three years at the least. Witness this spectacular sports event by getting your CBS Sports Classic 2017 tickets now.

World Baseball Classic 2017 Tickets

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World Baseball Classic 2017 ticketsThe World Baseball Classic, also known as the WBC, is an international baseball tournament given approval by the WBSC, responsible for giving out the title “World Champion.” It once coexisted with the Olympic Baseball until 2008 and the Baseball World Cup until 2011. This is the first tournament of its kind to host national IBAF teams, featuring professional players from around the globe, including those from Major League Baseball. The World Baseball Classic was founded in order to promote baseball far and wide across the globe. Get your seats for the famous match-up by buying World Baseball Classic 2017 tickets now before they sell out.